Nephrotic Syndrome Diet in Children, (Kidney Disease)

What is Nephrotic Syndrome? Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder in which the filter holes of the kidney become enlarged and leakage too much protein into the urine. This can occur in kidney disease because of damages the nephrons (filtering units). Water retention occur in the body due to leaking of protein into the urine.Continue reading “Nephrotic Syndrome Diet in Children, (Kidney Disease)”

Diabetes diet chart: Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetic Patient

Diabetic Diet and Food Tips –┬áHealthy eating & healthy snacking. Diet in Diabetes Mellitus Regular and consistent diet is most important in diabetes, with no feasts and fasts. Split your diet into 3-4 meals. Avoid sugar and sugar containing foods, and fried foods. Avoid fats (butter, oil, malai) and fat rich foods (puri, paratha, chat,Continue reading “Diabetes diet chart: Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetic Patient”

What is diabetes? Facts about Diabetes that You should Know.

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is one of the most common health disorders found all over the world. Approximately one in every 25 people are affected by Diabetes and a large population is predisposed to suffer from it. With all the advancements in modern medicine, we have failed to find a cure for it. We doContinue reading “What is diabetes? Facts about Diabetes that You should Know.”