What is cerebral palsy and its treatment?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) which affects any part of the body and muscles. Occurs due to birth asphyxia and head injury before birth. Cerebral means brain disorder and palsy means muscle weakness.

How to recognize that the child suffer with Cerebral Palsy?

In this type of child, the symptoms start showing very little, in general, two types of symptoms are more visible in children suffering from cerebral palsy. Such as weakness in muscles, loosening of hands and legs or not having proper body structure.

In some children, the symptoms reach a serious stage if its treatment is not started at the right time. Let me tell you, children suffering from Cerebral Palsy are unable to move their limbs and sit. Some children may even be disabled. Apart from this, the afflicted children also have trouble swallowing mud and difficulty in speaking.

What is the cause of Cerebral Palsy?

1- Birth Asphyxia is a very common reason in India, due to which children become victims of cerebral palsy. If oxygen does not reach immediately after, they get damaged and due to which the child can suffer from cerebral palsy for life.

2- Meningitis is also a very main reason, due to which a child can become a victim of cerebral palsy. Meninges are three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. There is a fluid around the meninges, which instead of becoming infected. Meningitis can happen to children of any age.

3- Japanese encephalitis is a viral infection, it also affects the brain and spinal cord like meningitis and it is caused by the bite of a mosquito infected with flavivirus because the virus also attacks the brain, then it causes cerebral palsy. there are many chances

4- If the child does not cry at the time of birth, it can also cause a cerebral palsy.

5- Children who drink dirty water in the stomach, which we also call Meconium, because of this, many times the child does not cry at birth and their brain does not get oxygen and the brain tissue gets damaged due to which A child can also be a victim of cerebral palsy from

6- If there is swelling in the brain of the child at the time of birth, then it can also cause a Cerebral Palsy.

7- If there is any injury on the head of the child at the time of birth.

Any kind of infection during pregnancy.

9- Brain is not developing properly

10- During pregnancy such as rubella, syphilis, thyroid, chickenpox increases the risk of Cerebral Palsy

11- Some babies born prematurely may be at risk of cerebral palsy.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

The main symptom of cerebral palsy is that if your baby has a milestone delay like if your baby should not hold the head at 3 months and baby should not sit at 6 months if your baby is not able to do this then it is a sign of cerebral palsy. indicates that you should immediately consult your doctor

Difficulty swallowing anything.

Having trouble speaking

More or less strain in the muscles.

To walk like a bent gait.

Unable to do normal work

Difficulty walking or sitting.

Inability to control urination.

hearing impairment.

Not able to see properly

Test for Cerebral Palsy

If the child does not know how to sit at the right time, and his muscles have become loose or too tight, then the doctor of such children can usually detect cerebral palsy by conducting a clinical examination.

For this, tests are done so that the condition of the brain can be ascertained, how much the brain has developed.
C T Scan
Accordingly, further treatment is carried out.

Treatment of cerebral palsy

There is no specific treatment for Cerebral Palsy (CP), but there are some treatments for this type of child, by which the child can be made a little able to sit up.
Many types of treatment are needed in the patients of Cerebral Palsy, such children also need a pediatrician who checks them from time to time and accordingly some medicines can be given to develop their brain.
In such a situation, along with medicines, its physical activity is also very important, for this Occupational therapy is very effective, through Occupational therapy, children are made to do their daily activities.

The role of Speech Therapy is also very high because a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy is unable to speak and he also has trouble in coordination.

Physical therapy is used to improve the child’s muscle activity, if the child’s muscles remain very tight, then physical therapy is brought to their right tone.

If children have more problems due to the wrong structure of muscles and bones, then the doctor will try to bring the bones in the right position

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