How to understand Autism Spectrum disorder in Children?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability, due to this disorder, children and their parents have to face many problems. No specific reason could be found.

How to Know if Your Child Has Autism Disorder?

If your child has Autism, then he will not take much interest in increasing social, emotional, and social interaction with others children of his age or it should be said in simple language that he will be unable to understand all these things. Children live in their world, neither they listen to anyone nor are they able to explain their point to anyone.

If you ask a child with Autism to point at an object, then he will be unable to do it or it may also happen that he does not listen to you, for example, if the child of Autism, if any flying object like If an airplane or a bird is shown sitting, then he may not even see it and if you say more then he will start looking angry, that is only because he is not able to understand your point and because of not understanding, only anger is with him. There is no other way than to look and be irritated.

If your child has turned 2 years old and still he is unable to speak and does not know how to speak, then it can be a sign of autism.

Autism child’s behavior is disturbed

Children with autism prefer to be alone

Not talking eye to eye means poor eye contact

Having trouble socializing with others

Running away from unknown people

Such children take interest in other people, but they do not realize how to talk to them or play with them.

Not understanding the feelings of others

Children of autism do not like to be held or hugged at all snoring

stuttering or not speaking at all

If such children get angry then many times they start breaking things. repeating every word of the other person during a conversation keep doing something continuously, such as clapping or running

Types of Autism

Autistic Disorder: This is the most common type of autism. People who are affected by this disorder of autism have difficulties in social behavior and in interacting with other people. In addition, habits such as being interested in unusual things, behaving unusually, bottlenecks, stuttering, or talking infrequently can also be symptoms of autistic disorder. At the same time, in some cases a decrease in intellectual ability is also seen.

2. Asperger Syndrome: This syndrome is considered to be the mildest form of autistic disorder. Individuals suffering from this syndrome may sometimes seem strange with their behavior, but they can be very interested in certain subjects. However, these people do not have any problems related to mental or social behavior.

3. Pervasive Autism Disorder: It is generally not considered a type of autism. It is only in certain situations that people are considered to be suffering from this disorder.
due to autism

As of now, no firm cause has been found for Autism Spectrum Disorder, it has been said in different studies that this disorder is caused due to some genetic and environmental reasons. Which hinders the development of the brain of the unborn child. A mutation in a gene that controls brain development

Defects in the genes involved in the communication between cells and the brain

Viral infection during pregnancy or exposure to airborne pollution particles

These children are most at risk of autism:

Children of parents who already have a child with autism

Premature babies

work weight at birth

having a child at an older age

Genetic/chromosomal conditions such as tuberous sclerosis or Fragile X syndrome

Side-effects of some medicines taken during pregnancy

Diagnosis for Autism Disorder

No diagnostic test is done for Autism, nor can it be detected by any test. If your child is 2 years old, his activity is not like normal children, then it can be an indication of ASD, for this you should meet your Pediatrician as soon as possible.

Autism Treatment

Till now no specific treatment is available for autism, in this, with the help of innervational treatment, work is done on important skills like reading and writing to children of autism.
In children of autism, both their fine motor skills and gross motor skills are worked. Fine motor comes in those skills in which children have problems in gripping, such as holding a pencil or holding a spoon, working on the activity related to their hand. Is
Gross motor skill includes all those activities in which the child is taught to get up, sit and play.
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  1. Informative article on Autism. Early diagnosis and treatment is very important for a good outcome. Awareness about Autism need to be spread amongst doctors as well as parents.


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