What is occupational therapy and its role in children?

Occupational means to do any work, if any child or adult is unable to do his daily work, even if a child is mentally weak, he does not know how to mix and play with children of his age. 

In Occupational Therapy, work is done to enable the children to live better in the society and adopt social tolerance, the child is prepared emotionally and socially in every way.

Role of Occupational Therapy in Children

Children who have suffered a trauma at the time of birth, due to which they are unable to sit up or do their daily activities, such as children with cerebral palsy or those who have mentally retired children Occupation Therapy is very effective at this time. It has been done through Occupation Therapy that work is done on the motor skills of such children, this includes children with autism. does not develop from

What is the Importance of Occupational Therapy in Old Age People?

In old age, if people become a victim of an accident and any part of their body, for example, if someone’s person gets a hot accident, then he has to face a lot of trouble in holding the spoon and eating food many times. In such a situation, Occupational Therapy helps them in their day-to-day tasks, people who suffer from any neuro problem often see the problem of coordination, even such Occupational Therapy is very effective.

The goal of Occupational Therapy is to increase the capacity of a person or child to engage in any kind of activities necessary and make it convenient according to the society, whether it is any kind of change in the child regarding his own cleanliness or Work on every skill is done by occupational therapy regarding all the activities that take place in the school.

The word Occupation does not only mean a job, but it addresses any type of activity.

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  1. Occupational therapy is one of the most successful treatment options available for Autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. Please tell us more about role of occupational therapy in Autism and ADHD.


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