Diabetes diet chart: Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetic Patient

Diabetic Diet and Food Tips – Healthy eating & healthy snacking.

Diet in Diabetes Mellitus

Regular and consistent diet is most important in diabetes, with no feasts and fasts. Split your diet into 3-4 meals. Avoid sugar and sugar containing foods, and fried foods. Avoid fats (butter, oil, malai) and fat rich foods (puri, paratha, chat, namkeen etc.). Drink cow’s milk or toned milk, not buffalo milk.

Food for Diabetes Patients:

List of foods that Don’t Impact Blood Sugar-

In Moderate Amount

 Almond – 4 pcs. Per day

Curd – 200gm. per day


Egg white

Free Foods

Salads- Cucumber, Tomato, Radish, Boiled green leafy vegetables

Vegetable soups (freshly prepared)

Butter milk

Tea/Coffee (No sugar, Less/No milk)

Lime water

Sample Diabetic diet chart

Meal/Time Menu Quantity
Early morning Nuts:


Breakfast Flakes (Oat/Whole wheat) Sandwich(multigrain bread)/Stuffed roti/Besan cheela stuffed +
Vegetable or Egg
1 Bowl

2 slices/2/2

1 Bowl

1-2 Bowl

Mid morning Fruits:Papaya
Buttermilk/Coconut water
1 Bowl

1 Glass

Lunch Chapatis/Brown rice
+ Salad
2/1 Bowl
1 Bowl
1 Bowl
1 Bowl
Evening Fruit
Roasted chana and murmura chat/
Vegetable Idli/
1 Bowl
Dinner Vegetable soup
Dal/ Chicken
Green Salad
1 Bowl
1 Bowl
1 Bow
1 Bowl
Bed Time Milk 1 Glass

This meal plan provides around 1800-2000 calories for a day.

Do’s in diabetic patients

Plan your diet with regular meal timings.

Include complex carbs in every meal such as whole wheat, jowar, brown rice, oats etc.

Eat fiber rich foods.

Low fat milk/milk products like cow’s milk, paneer, egg whites, lean chicken and fish.

For vegetarians whole pulses (dals) can provide protein and good amount of fiber.

As a diabetic you are free to eat most vegetables you like. (Restricted use of certain vegetable is advisable like – Potato etc.)

Depending on your blood sugar, you can have one to two portion fruits daily. No fruit is off limits but if you are especially fond of mangoes or bananas, preferably eat them with a meal.

It is imperative that you reduce your butter, ghee or oil intake.

Use vinegar, achaar, chutney and other food items for taste.

Sugar Free items including sweets, dark chocolate can be enjoyed.

Don’ts in diabetic patients.

Frequent snacking and feasting.

Erratic meal timings.

Drink sweetened drinks including fruit juices.

Make starchy carbohydrates your main course.

Skip meals/fasting. Being a diabetic, you are prone to periods of low blood sugar during fasts; this can lead to complications like fainting spells, seizures.

Eat saturated or Trans fat (canned foods, bakery products).

Consume sugars or sweets.

Over indulge in alcohol.

Processed food like cakes, biscuits and ready-to-eat foods, as they are loaded with fats.

Lead a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise

Use these “meal plan” ideas as part of healthy eating:

Enjoy vegetables, most fruits and low-fat milk products with your meals. These are carbohydrate-rich foods but in general have low glycemic index.

Plan your meals with foods in the low and medium Glycemic Index starch choices. Try foods such as barley or lentils.

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