40 days weight loss chalange| Quick weight loss diet.

Weight loss diet.

How to loss weight through keto diet?

What is keto diet.

Everyone want to loss weight without exercise. Ketogenic diet is the perfect way to loss weight without exercise. Follow these diet for weight loss.

What is Low carb diet?

Bacially Ketogenic diet is low carb diet. You can only eat low carb food.

Avoid dairy product dairy products also has low carb  but if you want to loss weight in just one month. You can loss around 8 kg weight in a one.

Follow the standard Ketogenic diet.

In standard keto diet. carb should be 5 to 10 percent, fat 60 to 70 percent and protein 30 to 35 percent. standard keto diet fat rich diet.

If you are non vegetarian then you have lot of food and recipes option to eat.

First start with Breakfast.

If you are tea lover you should leave tea and drink black tea and green tea. You can also drink black coffee but remember it’s should be without suger because suger is high carb one tsp. suger has 4.2 g carb.

You should avoid sugary fruit and vegitables.

If you are a diabetic patients and your suger  always high and your weight is also high. This is the perfect way to maintain your suger level. Also you can also loss your weight.

Today I going to tell you some non- vegetarian item which has low carb.

Let’s start with breakfast.

You can take

Boiled Egg


Spanish omelette

Scrambled Egg 

One large egg contain.

0.4g carb, 6g protein and 5g Fat but keto diet is a high fat diet.

You should apply butter on a boiled egg believe me you enjoy it. Its very yummy . You can have with black coffee and black tea.

If you go with omelette you have to take extra butter and ghee. If you don’t have more fat then ketosis will not start in your body and ketone body will not active.

Food you should avoid if you are in keto diet.

Wheat flour


All Daal

Starchy item 

Sugary fruits 

Sugary vegitables

Nuts only you can take almond and walnut.

In fruit only you can take only avocado, berries like blu berry, black berry this is low carb fruit.

If you are non vegetarian in lunch and dinner

Roasted Chicken

Chicken with light gravy.

 .0g carb, 31g protein and 14g fat in 100g of chicken if you make any dish from chicken also add exta butter for increase fat in your keto diet


Several type of recipes

It has also 0g carb, 21g fat and 25g protein in 100g of mutton

Fish is a good source of low carb and high fat diet.

12g fat, 22g protein and 0g carb in 100g of fish.

If you loss your weight follow this diet for one month and see the results.

What is Ketogenic diet and how it will work?.

Go to this link

What is Keto Diet?


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